ADUS provides after-sales promotional tasks, consisting of a full range of In-Store Promos programs that include standard or personalized sales activities for enhancement of client products at points of consumers’ direct access in the Supermarket chains.

Each promotion in-store project is carefully designed by ADUS according to Client’s specific requirements and products’ profile, while the actual implementation is supported by our innovative operating methods so as the Client is getting real time feedback of its progress and outcome.

  • The modern trend of marketing nowadays, is no longer confined to the smart and teasing commercials, but it is extended to the organization and focused promotion of products at the point of sale, applying effective signage and guidance systems for the consumers in the supermarkets.
  • The use of outlets (Point-of-Purchase or POP) bring about a number of important benefits to the FMCG provider, while they allow the enhancement of brand’s image and increase its visibility ensuring direct full control of the space on the shelf, and of the available stock.
  • ADUS offers effective solutions that really work for the Market in the entire range of brands, creating an attractive environment for the consumer, ending up to increased sales, always offering the most specialized and effective POP solutions and In-Store Communication .
  • Our company is capable to design and implement any promotional POP operations and branding based on the requirements of our partner’s marketing plan leading directly to increased sales. ADUS adopts intelligent labeling systems, classification and promotion of goods providing the opportunity for comprehensive and effective communication at the point of sale.