ADUS takes over the development of a specific framework of directives and actions as agreed with the Client, enabling the establishment of trade relations and achieving products placements on the consumers’ direct access points (the supermarket shelves).

Through its proven know-how, ADUS operates the product placement principles at the direct access points by analyzing the consumer’s preferences and various other factors as follows:

  • Close coordination consultancy from ADUS to the Client on the specific characteristics of the product or group of products for their correct classification.
  • Taking over specialized actions aiming at the properly representing the Client along the overall communication with the Buyer, as well as the integrated management and weighing of the factors in view of a successful sales close and the advanced positioning of client’s product or group of products to achieve commercial objectives.
  • Communication of appropriate data on the products’ features matched with respective Consumer Behavior input against those products having as goal the proper placement options to the appropriate shelf level.
  • Effective design plans optimizing operational performance within the store thus enhancing products’ sales dynamic growth.