Since 2009, ADUS has managed to continuously achieve sustainable growth by providing its services to the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector. We are fully determined to carry on focusing towards the efficient expansion of our entrepreneurial activities in the International Market.

ADUS adopts an innovative Outsourcing model providing a four-pillar «Fast Moving Consumer Services» portfolio to the following areas

  • Sales and Merchandising Services,
  • Sales Promotion In Store Services,
  • Product Immersion & Placement Services,
  • Below-the-Line Services,
  • Mediator Services for Business Extroversion

ADUS Consultants contribute every day in strengthening:

  • highly populated areas’ coverage for our Clients, and the support of geographical proximity for the consumers visiting the supermarket chains
  • operational efficiency, flexibility and seamless communication to every partnership
  • ensuring Continuity of Services and Proactive Risk Management for our Clients
  • Sustainable growth, profitability and commercial development of our Clients.
  • The minimization of the cost of sales of our Clients


Quality Policy