ADUS continuously empowers its mission as a Provider of an Outsourcing Model for  «Fast Moving Consumer Services» building up sustainable partnership relationships which is characterized by the firm commitment to securing increased profitability to its Clients.

Our approach, based on specially designed solutions leads us to choose our partners always based on a thorough investigation of their philosophy, quality, formal evaluations, standardization and certification of their products along the entire production cycle. Our aim is achieving fast and growing return on investment (ROI) for our Clients.

The ADUS practices excellence strategy focusing on each given "product-market" bi-pole in capitalizing of its potential to achieve the optimal combination of opportunities to exploit in the market with simultaneous reduction of customer weaknesses contributing to minimize the risks that can undermine the project.

In ADUS, we encourage the creative spirit of our staff, fostering better working conditions dictated by justice and mutual respect. The company is based on the entrepreneurial culture of recognition and rewarding our talented executives and builds long-term relations of cooperation.