ADUS, operating on behalf of our Clients for their Business optimal Extroversion, ensures through its consultancy the effective and results-orientated relationship between the different Buyers and our Clients towards sales deals’ closure in a wide range of premium food and other consumer goods.

Our Services encompass:

  • Market Research & Feasibility Study within an ever-changing market the following options in the development of a strategic plan requires thorough research of the target market and clearly capturing of critical information to achieve pragmatic progress associated with positive outcomes. ADUS possesses the expertise to effectively detect factors of SWOT Analysis and deliver strong evidence through feasibility studies for every specific project or autonomous steps of it. Consequently, Clients control the right roadmap that is always adaptable due to milestones’ performance guaranteeing mutual trust and our partnership’s success.
  • Full Portfolio Development & Management on behalf of every Client. Detailed breakdown of prerequisites at the commencement of partnership, timely determining Client’s readiness to provide competence and certification’s documents or there is a need to invest additional time before the process is kicked-off. Preparation, Portfolio Completeness check, Enterprise & Products’ certifications, official quantitative and qualitative accreditations. ADUS provides appropriate guidance for the successful client’s and its products’ presentation.
  • Representing the Client along the full lifecycle process of Buyers’ approach, holding meetings, product sampling, negotiation management until the first sales official close milestone.
  • Ensuring Client’s throughput, by supporting the level of order handling of client products especially during the first period of a deal encompassing the capability that ADUS may take over transaction invoicing in case the Client may not be in a position to carry it out at early stages.
  • Outsourcing Sales, Merchandising, Ordering, In-Store Promos and Export Services encompassing the integrated development of the markets at levels of mutually beneficial cooperation with tangible advantages in terms of cost against expected revenues, provision of Sales, Merchandising & Order taking actions, while further provision of product promotion in store at all points across mutually set geographical regions by establishing a real-time communication sending to Clients a comprehensive picture of the actions and reports to enable enhanced tactical actions.

All the above may be realized through the following alternatives:

  • Required IT services through our own systems to send reports to the structure having prescribe us
  • Enabling our Clients’ authorized users to login by enabling them to access our IT systems through the Client’s Portal,
  • The capability to integrate our IT System with that of the Client thus ensuring secure data transfer service of ADUS captured data for further processing in combination with Client’s corporate data for a more advanced in-depth analysis.