ADUS as a leading Product Placement & Export Development Consultant adopts for each Client an innovative outsourcing model for Business Extroversion that guarantees less cost and time overhead towards delivery of products to buyers and a high level of profitability rendering unnecessary the need for finding local representatives in selected markets. Therefore the different facets of every venture is properly enforced:

Partner Network: Our Clients are considered as valuable Partners on behalf of which we undertake activities in the framework of our Outsourcing Model contributing to their Commercial Growth and Extroversion. 

Customer Relationship Management: We build and upgrade our relationship on transparency and real time communication of every sales point’s status to our Clients. Through our specialized teams, always at sales points each visiting outlet includes high-quality knowledge and activities, so that the end result meets their strategy.

Revenue Model: Our methodology helps to increase sales, reduce operating costs, extensive geographic coverage and our continuous advisory mission on realistic goals from the behavior of Markets.

Distribution channels: Especially in the case of export growth, our extroversion model anticipates the need to establish deals with local representatives in selected international markets indicatively providing services as below:

  • Sound expertise leading to placement of products at direct access points for the consumer
  • Managing the whole lifecycle in obtaining agreements with Buyers of Supermarkets chains in the international market.
  • Outsourcing Sales, Merchandising & Promotion In Store.

We empower our Clients’ advantages by enhancing:

  • Increased revenue and profitability ratios by minimizing Client’s bureaucracy as required to support exports,
  • reduction of costs and administrative overheads allowing the Client to focus on its core business activities by taking over the agreed services that are designed and implemented by ADUS,
  • meticulous selection of the "optimum" markets that best fit Clients’ products implementing a tailor made design weighing the necessary factors for effective penetration.

We adopt and apply effective IT Automation solution to our services

  • We possess standard IT solution "ADUS Near Field Service" of data processing and information extraction based on innovative methods for Targeted Products’ Promotion in the Market.
  • Daily in-store recording so that our Clients receive reliable feedback from the market for every point of sales filled in with detailed information like direct recording of products’ code list involving the shelves, existing stock levels, as well as products close to their expiry date.
  • Through the Data Analytics potential and the corresponding data evaluation tools, the disclosure of useful results forms a powerful tool for our Clients who, in turn, are capable to effectively monitor important KPI’s and associated trends.