Our strength is based on our tailor made services leading our Clients to benefit from both qualitative excellence as well as increasing financial performance along the following directives:

  • The monthly cost of our services is fixed. It does not depend on the number of the spots-to-visit per area per chain or by the number of product codes we officially manage per Client
  • Our Clients are constantly relieved by the unavoidable costs of recruitment, evaluation and training for employees for sales and merchandising jobs.
  • Daily analytical reporting and communication through tablets and the internet, in full detail, per visited point, hence every Client has the opportunity to take over timely interventions on the performance of sales and promotions in store projects in Supermarkets.
  • Low Cost of sales over the expected turnover due to the possibility of coverage of any number of points for each supermarket chain per prescribed region, as well as every number of product codes per Client.
  • Continuous staff training to acquire hands-on knowhow gaining experience in order to provide support, advanced services, proven tactics as well as effective, successful and profitable procedures.