ADUS having in-depth awareness of the contemporary needs from the market, the harsh circumstances arising from intensive competition and the end-consumers’ financial conditions, provides Outsourcing Services on Sales, Merchandising & Order Taking on behalf of its Clients having as main goal to increasing sales of their products in the market at the most efficient way.

Our specialized sales teams undertake the full range of appropriate activities, while concurrently performing real time digital recording in tablets of every product’s status at the points of sales using our innovative solution. In detail, the specific activities are as follows:

  • Reviewing Client’s commercial policies and regulatory compliance
  • Planning and forecasting along the sales priorities and marketing actions, in order to achieve maximum results: both in terms of qualitative objectives (e.g. brand visibility) as well as quantitative objectives (e.g. forecasted sales and market share) that have been set by the Client
  • Detailed Recording of Client’s products on a special list and Post-distribution product status check
  • Coverage of current needs and establishing prerequisites in expanding to new sales points
  • Geographical coverage of highly populated areas and cities
  • Placing our Client’s products into prominent shelves & ensuring impeccable brand image and products’ display
  • Checking and updating prices, stocks per sales point as well as Competitors’ related activities
  • Innovative practice for repetitive order taking and relevant pricing
  • Taking special care for Products’ proper placement rendering them visible and easily accessible by the consumers
  • Replacing old with new products to the sales points. Inspecting sensitive fast moving products to avoid shortages. Monitoring of sensitive products or products close to expiry date
  • Correction and replenishment of empty shelves
  • Submitting proposals and ensuring optimum placement terms
  • Negotiation for the construction and monitoring of brand displays and stands. Promotion of new products focusing on immersing them as appealing to create demand
  • Prompt response through high quality information communication to the Client for each visit and daily updates of Product Sales Data

Regular Consultation Meetings with Client’s Management addressing the following updates:

  • Client’s Record review
  • Periodic analytical sales reporting by products’ sector, traffic activity per team member or per Retail brand
  • Market Analysis Reporting on Client’s Competitors and Statistical Reporting and custom Analysis as per Client’s requirements