Interview with Mr. Spyros Chrysinas, Commercial Director at EMFI S.A., for the ADUS’ Newsletter.

Thursday, February 3, 2022

ADUS: How will energy price increases influence your business and what applications will you make in the market?

S.C.: The market is going through an extremely difficult period, due to the significant impact of rising costs in energy and the consequent increase in raw materials and transportation. Furthermore, the increase in energy is impacting not only product prices, but also the adequacy of raw materials and the smooth market supply.

Our company, EMFI SA is active in the category of ice cream with MENNE products, as well as in the category of sweet pastries with the FOLIE and EVGA croissants.

Owing to freezing requirements, energy costs significantly affect the production of ice cream. In this context, we have taken all the necessary measures to ensure the on-time supply of raw material and that the production meets our needs. Also, we are constantly seeking for solutions for cost reduction in all areas, as we want to absorb much of the increases and charge our customers and consumers as less as possible.

ADUS: The pandemic is still here. What are the best practices your company has applied, and how did ADUS contribute to dealing with this crisis?

S.C.: Indeed, the pandemic continues to affect most markets in a direct and an indirect way.

A direct consequence of the pandemic is the decline in consumer traffic, especially in the HORECA channel.

At the same time, due to the impact of the pandemic, production has declined. Supplier response times and transportation costs have increased. Problems in the supply of materials and products that had nothing to do with consumption growth in the second year of the crisis have emerged.

We think that next year, product availability will be a challenge for every supplier.

To ensure the smooth progress of our production, we have taken all necessary measures to protect our employees and products.

ADUS has contributed to this effort through the efficient supports of product placement points at the level of merchandising and orders taking, by utilizing second points of sale in stores, and by ensuring the proper presence of our products, giving added value to the shelves and benefit to the consumer.