Outsourcing sales are a fast, direct and flexible tool with which companies can distribute and sell their products immediately. The network relationship with the company is a very close one, with common goals and increased communication structures.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Outsourcing sales focus on the success of their customers because they perceive that they are differentiated from the competition and ultimately increase their sales as they are considered to be specially effective at:

  • They are clear about their intention to support their clients to succeed and therefore develop close relationships of trust with them.
  • Asking essential questions and listening honestly to their customers so that the latter feel they are understood and valued.
  • Create solutions that achieve exactly the desired sales results with respect to the criteria of their customers.
  • Negotiate mutually beneficial scenarios that create greater value for both parties.
  • Create new business opportunities for their clients in a way that is explicitly appreciated.

External sales networks are much cheaper as the company is exempt from the full costs of an internal sales network. The fixed costs of the outsourcing sales segment become automatically variable. However, unlike other forms of outsourcing, the benefits of an external network come not only from cost savings, but mainly from increased sales and distribution, reduced rack shortages, and faster network response and flexibility.

Real time response is a key reason why many successful companies partner with external sales networks. When a company is looking to enter a market, it can take several months for a proper sales team to build. On the contrary, an external sales network can organize a perfectly capable and efficient team in just a few days or weeks.

Flexibility is an important driving force for outsourcing sales. The uncertain and inherently risky business environment highlights the need to reduce sales costs immediately. Companies undergoing rapid change in their conditions may need to hire or dismiss.

Outsourcing, especially in sales activities, allows companies to quickly set up a sales network and maintain it for as long as needed, without having to hire full-time or part-time salespeople and without having to pay extra. Network assignment creates opportunities for companies as they are enabled to react and adapt to new data immediately.