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Friday, March 27, 2020

HELL ENERGY is one of the world’s most dynamically evolving FMCG brands as attested by their quick success and exploding export market. The 100% Hungarian-owned brand was established in 2006 and was dominating the domestic market by 2010 and has since become a determining player on the international energy drink market boasting 50 export countries.

Apart from Hungary, HELL Energy drinks lead the market in Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovakia, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus and North Macedonia.

HELL ENERGY’s success is down to excellent quality and the brand’s reasonable prices, wide availability (striving to establish 70% distribution in each country), international marketing communication background and positioning according to consumer needs. HELL ENERGY is in a unique position on the energy drink market in that we can safely say they are market leaders in multiple countries, with a strong brand, their own bottling plant and aluminum can factory which provide an unparalleled strategic position globally as well.

In the context of continuous growth, in Greece as well, you always need good partners who share the same vision with you. Our partnership with ADUS started in October 2018 and in a short time we achieved to empower our presence in organized retail stores and to increase our sales. Of course, thanks to ADUS’s experienced executives and organized sales department contribution.

They have undertaken and accomplished all merchandising and ordering tasks, and continue to support Hell Energy products’ display on shelf, in every store, with a great immediacy and accuracy.

George Boudakidis
Business Manager Hell Energy Drink Greece