SECTOR: Production and distribution of juices, fruit juices, canned fruit, organic products and bottled private label juice.
ADUS SERVICES: Outsourcing Sales & Merchandising for Supermarket Chains

ADUS essentially constitutes our sales department in Greece as a result of CHB’s lack of having an in-house local sales division. We, in CHB, sincerely appreciate the experience of ADUS sales and merchandising teams and the quality of our co-operation, we have a smooth interaction through our in-house Coordinator, while ADUS teams have been providing us with timely and accurate insight,having as purpose to spot different issues and properly resolve any potential problems, thus resulting in our increased commercial performance in the Greek supermarket chains
Natassa Apostolopoulou, Head of Sales, Greece, "CHB"

CHB’s business activities started in 1955 engaged to exporting of Greek fresh fruit, mainly citrus fruits, to the European market. Since then CHB has been managing to have a constantly growing presence establishing its corporate brand as one of the largest companies in the fruit processing industry worldwide.

Mr. Alexander Christodoulou, Sales Manager of CHB Group "Christodoulou Family" gave his insight to the substantial business challenges that led CHB Group to opt for ADUS Outsourcing Services and how such collaboration contributed to sustainably increase their sales.