INDUSTRY SECTOR: Manufacturing of Frozen Bakery and Pastry Products
ADUS SERVICES: Outsourcing Sales & Merchandising for Supermarket Chains

Our philosophy in Bake Hellas emphasizes the achievement of Economies of scale, and the leverage of our commercial performance. We have chosen ADUS aligning to our strategy aiming at optimally promoting the quality of our products in the supermarkets for the benefit of our Consumers who honor us with their trust and proven preference.
Thanos Loussis, Sales Director, BAKEHELLAS SA

BAKEHELLAS SA has been engaging, since 2001, to the production of frozen bakery and pastry goods of excellent quality. BAKEHELLAS has undertaken substantial investment in the construction of two modern production sites in Schimatari Viotias (50km north of Athens), thus becoming the most specialized bakery plant in Greece for the production of part-baked frozen bakery items. All staff members in BAKEHELLAS are focusing on (have as purpose) our customers’ and consumers continuous satisfaction, providing to them differentiated and top quality bakery products and supporting them with high level services.

Challenges Bake Hellas encounters

  • Refraining from budget overhead burdens investing on Information Technology  equipment (servers, tablets, software, accessories) having as purpose to assist the relevant activities on Sales & Merchandising
  • No need for day-to-day presence to sales points of supermarkets chains in specific periods of high product demand or when promotion of new products is required
  • The reduction in operating costs for staffing purposes recruiting experienced teams in Sales & Merchandising for boosting sales in Supermarkets nationwide.
  • The daily organization and recording of real time data on the status and performance of products at points of sale
  • The accomplishment of daily detailed mapping need of the competitors’ performance.
  • Adoption of focused practices for upgrading Sales & Merchandising activities to achieve the objectives for the effective promotion of products.

The Solution ADUS provides

  • adus experienced Sales & Merchandising team daily strengthens the transparent communication and the ongoing profitability of our partnership.
  • Capitalization of the innovative solution Near Field Communication (NFC) where on-site prompt recording and transfer of useful data from every point of sale visit via the use of smart devices,
  • Order taking and In store Promotional activities in the Supermarkets,
  • Rearranging shelves’ products and settlement of old with new products on every point of sale
  • Checking the available products in the stores’ warehouses and the new product codes after their distribution,
  • Geographical coverage in high population areas and cities

Benefits for BAKE HELLAS

  • Meticulous coordination and implementation of Bake Hellas Commercial Division’s  directives by adus , for the compliant achievement of all phases to the set objectives.
  • Increasing sales and daily transfer of relevant data, shelf images and running events that may require immediate intervention for efficient support.
  • Cost reduction in investment in the following sectors: transportation, mobile phones, laptops, additional costs for continuous travelling and accommodation of in-house teams at different  geographic regions, etc.
  • adus does not deal any other customer possessing competitive product line compared with those of Hellas Bake in the market
  • The monthly cost of adus services remains unaffected by the number of Baje Hellas product codes handled.
  • Bake Hellas achieves lower operating costs and time for recruitment and training of personnel for Sales & Merchandising.


BAKE HELLAS started its business with a major focus in HORECA market. Having established our presence in the supermarket chains, our main objective was to seek for sales & merchandising partnership that would guarantee proper quality and level of service. With ADUS, we can get immediate information with accomplished visits sequence of the day before so as to properly coordinate the transportation of our products due to their sensitive nature (having a specific expiry date), and to align the optimum between two options of distribution (a) From our central warehouses and (b) door-to-door. ADUS operates as if our products were their own products in a consistent way, while both the teams of merchandisers as well as the back office personnel keep us constantly informed with reliable and exploitable information. ”
Evangelos Papanikolaou, Key Account Manager, «BAKE HELLAS»