The interview of Mr. Panagiotis Loukeris, CEO & Co-Founder of ADUS, on TimeTv, in the context of the event ’Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2021’.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

In his interview with TimeTV, Mr. Panagiotis Loukeris spoke about the specialization of ADUS services in the field of sales, merchandising and ordering taking in all supermarkets in the country, as well as about the company’s organization and the daily work of its Consultants.

Referring to ADUS customers, he stated that ’they choose us because the outsourcing services are much more cost effective’, while at the same time ’all our executives are specialized in what they do and have years of experience in supermarkets’, emphasizing that ’when someone chooses us he chooses the ideal sales department that he would like to have but cannot afford due to financial status’.

In his conclusion, he said that ADUS’ vision for the future is ’to become the first choice  company in what we do and to help as many companies as possible to be able to increase their sales and presence on the shelves’, because as he said ’the competition is ‘very tough, and we assure that our customers are safe’.

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