ADUS, having already been successful in developing sales, merchandising and ordering services for VIAP MENTEL, has been proud to announce the expansion of this cooperation to cover additional services in the Wholesale Trade sector that provides small Retail.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

ADUS will respond to this new challenge by exploring at the same time the behavior of small Retail within the framework of the mutual realization of VIAP MENTEL’s specific plans in this segment, as we have been consistently doing in the course of our cooperation so far. VIAP MENTEL ( with a tradition of 2 generations in the Greek confectionery market, has been the undisputed leader in the Arabian gum category since 1956 and has successfully expanded into the category of chocolates. VIAP MENTEL, with an ISO 22000 certified production process and its facilities and organized distribution network, serves a wide range of partners from supermarkets (with the help of ADUS), hypermarkets to kiosks and tourist shops.