SECTOR: Production of Bread Products.
ADUS SERVICES: Outsourcing Sales & Merchandising for Supermarket Chains


Further to its strong presence in the HORECA market," VIOLANTA" has recently been penetrating the Retail sector, especially the supermarket chains establishing its presence through its packaged goods. By not having the appropriate in-house organization to support a full-fledged sales and merchandising team, VIOLANTA’s cooperation with ADUS has started at a nationwide scale. From the first stages of this cooperation, the positive differentiation immediately emerged. VIOLANTA now knows the current status of our products at every point of sale and the potential problems that should be encountered. We have a real time visual experience of what products are under demand and what are of low interest by consumers, while ADUS has taken over the control and arrangement of our products in all its visits and order taking procedure, in other words, activities that a Small & Medium Enterprise could not undertake with its own resources by not having the required means, budget and process. Therefore by adopting ADUS Outsourcing model we managed to reap the benefits concurrently getting economies of scale
Christos Katsoulas, Commercial Director, "VIOLANTA"

Our entry into the 21st Century is accompanied by the capitalization of many years of proven know-how in the production of cookies and scones. Our history starts from a district bakery in the city of Trikala, where the production of quality bakery products and bread was succeeded by our devotion and talent in pastry making using the above ingredients in business with a single vision: the creation and production of qualitative, original and traditional flavors in cookies and scones, based on our grandparents’ recipes that were generously bequeathed to us! On our way to this day, we have developed our variety of products, adding different flavors and meeting different consumers’ needs. Nowadays, we have a wide variety of 130 products, winning with our own means and resources the reputation of a quality and inventive cookie maker, capable of large scale production, yet always respecting high quality standards.