SECTOR: Production of Confectionery Products.
ADUS SERVICES: Outsourcing Sales & Merchandising for Supermarket Chains


Within the cost cutting policies we are urged to undertake, there emerges an important problem in effectively supporting sales and merchandising for companies like ours. After our first contact with ADUS, we focused on their meticulous approach to our needs and their tailor made proposal where it was also presented to VIAP MENTEL the detailed daily schedule of visits to the points of sales where our products were placed on-the-shelf. Convinced by their expert positioning, we quickly bypassed our business attitude and hesitation and assigned the Merchandising and order taking to ADUS. The teams of ADUS salespeople and merchandisers are experienced, pleasant and willing to treat our products as their own products, while there is a continuous information flow and frequent meetings that allow us to have a complete picture of our products in the supermarkets, while they always assist us in resolving issues that make our sales more effective
Vana Christopoulou, President & Managing Director, «VIAP MENTEL»


VIAP MENTEL has a tradition of 2 generations in the Greek sweets market. Founded in 1956, the company is the undisputed leader in the Arabian gum category, and has successfully expanded its products’ series into the chocolate category. VIAP MENTEL has invested in technology certified according to ISO 22000 for its production process and its facilities and has organized distribution network that allows to serve a wide range of partners from hypermarkets and supermarkets to shopping and tourist shops in a timely and consistent way. The company produces Arabic gum products: eucalyptus - menthol pastilles, aromatic, four fruits (including mastic, cinnamon, liquorice and vitamin C). At the same time it produces and markets in Greece chocolate olives, cereal chocolates, chocolate truffles, decorative truffles and various types of dragees. VIAP MENTEL successfully exports its products to Cyprus, Canada and Australia, while it has been a dynamic exhibitor in international relevant forums and exhibitions.