INDUSTRY: Manufacturing of Frozen, Packaged Food and Meals
ADUS’ SERVICES: Outsourcing Sales & Merchandising to Supermarket Chains

Following a strict market investigation, McCain Hellas has made a strategic choice to partner with ADUS outsourcing capabilities at the Sales & Merchandising Services to the Supermarket chains for its innovative solution and specialized teams to soon meet our market performance plans for effective Category Management, enhanced brand awareness and by consequence sales increase.
Charis Alexopoulos, Country Manager, McCain Hellas

McCain manufactures food items unique and tasty, easy to prepare, nutritionally checked providing an ideal solution for every consumer. Our food is manufactured by natural and healthy ingredients that  consumers’ express widespread approval, and contribute to a balanced diet and healthy way of life. In McCain we closely cooperate with our farmer-partners always with respect to the potato product. We have been applying a thorough quality assurance program that guarantees products’ quality from field to plate optimally promoting the environmental protection.

Challenges McCain Hellas encounters

  • The overall recruitment and employment cost reduction of highly competent specialists’ teams for Sales & Merchandising at the Supermarket chains across Greece.
  • The need for additional supermarket’s store visits at peak time or when there is a need for a new product promotion
  • The savings and corporate budget relief on additional investments on IT equipment (servers, tablets, software, spares) to support the up-to-date operations of Sales & Merchandising.
  • The daily information capturing and retrieval on the products’ detailed status at the points of sales
  • The need for detailed daily recording of the competitors’ performance.
  • The need for daily recording of the competitors’ status.
  • The capability to apply best practices on Sales & Merchandising for effective products’ promotion

The Solution ADUS provides

  • ADUS’ highly specialized Sales & Merchandising teams empower our direct communication with our Consumers enforcing a sustainable profitability level.
  • The use of Near Field Communication (NFC) innovative solution enables the prompt digital recording and data transfer of relevant information through tablet for every point-of-sale visit.
  • Inventory control and new products’ codes monitoring.
  • Order taking and In-store promotion activities at the Supermarket stores
  • Regrouping and replacement of old products with new ones on the shelf.
  • Geographic coverage across regions and cities with high population rates.

Benefits for McCain HELLAS

  • ADUS ensures Exclusivity because we do not establish partnerships in case our Customers address the market with directly competitive products’ gamut.
  • Our monthly cost remains stable irrespective of the number of the products per Customer.
  • Operational cost reduction due to McCain Hellas’ administration is relieved by the burden of employing and training new staff for Sales & Merchandising.
  • Cost reduction on (a) office space, (b) sales equipment, (c) means of transportation, (d) telecommunication devices, laptops, (f) travelling, accommodation, etc.
  • Sales increase and daily correspondence by sending data, point-of-sales photos and incidents that required immediate intervention to resolve.
  • ADUS complies to the operational directives dictated by MCCAIN HELLAS’ Commercial Division taking over reliable monitoring tasks, as well as tracing the relevant Key Performance Indicators and all stages towards planned outcomes.