SECTOR: Production of Bakery Products.
ADUS SERVICES: Outsourcing Sales & Merchandising for Supermarket Chains


In order to effectively carrying out the daily competitive “war of the shelf” at the supermarket chains, KRITON ARTOS has started its cooperation with ADUS, since 2011. ADUS Executives as well as its excellent sales & merchandising teams possess the required experience of treating KRITON ARTOS’ products as if they were their own products. ADUS teams are capable to continuously implement all the merchandising activities and the order taking process, by consistently offering us the visual experience of the products at every point of sale on the shelf, as well as competitors’ behavior in a continuous and timely information feedback. ADUS helps us achieve economies of scale, sales growth, adapting our policy in a flexible and prompt way enabling us to get a clear picture from every point and at an impressively lower cost compared with what would be required by us to invest, run and manage via in-house resources.
Sotiris Ioannou, Director of Sales of Greece, ”KRITON ARTOS”


KRITON ARTOS, was founded in 2004, with the acquisition of an old family business producing Cretan traditional bakery products. In April 2005, it relocated to 3000 m² privately owned facilities. At the same time, it creates the private label category in the industry. Today it operates in an industry infrastructure that exceeds 4,000 m², and has modernized its mechanical equipment, while retaining its traditional way of producing its products. The production process operates under the strict rules of the HACCP quality systems ELOT 1416, IFS Higher Level and BRC. It cooperates with all major supermarket chains in Greece, while more than 20% of its turnover is relates to export activities in countries like USA, Germany, England, Cyprus, China, Australia etc. Due to its modern technical facilities, KRITON ARTOS combines high quality combined with high production capacity and competitive prices, has led most major supermarket chains to assign to KRITON ARTOS in producing Cretan traditional bakery products labeled with their own brand name.