Crete and the Hyper Markets hold the scepter of development

Friday, January 22, 2021

2021 gets off successfully for the organized retail, as in the first week of the year the turnover increased by 13.7%, based on the latest IRI data for the Greek market. Sales in particular reached 128.1 million euros, when the corresponding period had not exceeded 113 million. These revenues concern the last days before the change of the year, as well as the first Sunday of 2020.

Table 1

Table 1 shows that the champion is food category, as it is the only one that developed with a double-digit growth 15.7%. Household category followed with an increase of 9.1% and the personal hygiene and care products +7.5%. Crete still holds the scepter of consumption, as the growth of turnover in its stores exceeds 28%, although in the pie of the total revenue of supermarkets the contribution of the island is small and reaches only 6% (Table 2).

Table 2 

Significant is the sales increase in supermarkets of Northern Greece and Thessaloniki, where revenues grew by 22.4% and 18.5% respectively. It is worth noting that the sales in Attica is slower than all other regions, however continues to represent more than half of the organized sales. Its growth reached almost 9%. Shoppers still have confidence in the Hyper Markets which increased sales by 21.7% (Table 3).

Table 3

Regarding to the stores’ typology, Large stores reached a sales development by + 14.3% at the end of 2020 -beginning 2021, medium-sized stores outperformed 10.8% and the convenience grew by 9,1 %.

Christina Papagianni

Source: FOODReporter - #0427/20-01- 2021