No lost sales for our customers
Interview with Plato Tsoulos

Friday, September 18, 2020

Throughout the lockdown period, none of our customers’ products were in shortage on the shelf despite the public buying behavior, characterized by panic. In cases of other companies, sales were lost, as in case the consumer wouldn’t find the desired product on the self, would replace it with alternative. None of this happened to any of our customers.” emphasizes Mr. Takis Loukeris, CEO of ADUS.

Commenting on the high raised demand at the beginning of the lockdown, Mr. Loukeris concluded that “it was once again confirmed that the fear of shortages of essential items, which has always been seen in times of great crisis and insecurity, forces consumers to create a stock of time-resistant food products”.

self service: To what extent offers and promotions  were carried out during the lockdown period? How do you comment on the adaptability of chains to the emergencies?

Takis Loukeris: Many companies, due to the fact that their products were in high demand, did not make any new offers during the crisis, except of the scheduled. However, all the products that made offers and promotions, certainly, were preferred by the public. The chains adapted quickly, implementing with strict respect the measures proposed by the WHO and NPHO (National Public Health Organization)  for the protection of public health. Respectively, even the chains that did not previously have an e-shop, acted directly in terms of integration of online sales in their commercial policy, giving their customers a further opportunity to be served more securely, reducing at the same time the phenomenon of the endless queue outside the stores.


s.s.: As a company, how did you react during this critical period?

T.L.: Adus services focus on supermarket. We never stop to provide our services and instead, they intensified, as did the work in organized retail sector. Our executives, respecting all the security measures- much more, since staff safety is our priority anyway- stood next to our customers and of course, on the shelf, making sure their products are consistently well-placed. Our actions proved to be extremely effective, as all our customers had increased sales.

Throughout the period of tension, none of their products showed a shortage on the shelf, despite the panic behaviours, especially at the beginning of the lockdown, which put markets to reasonable concerns. In cases of other companies, sales were lost, since the consumer, not finding their products, replaced them with others in his cart. None of this happened to any of our customers. In addition, we have made a significant contribution to alleviating the great pressure on supermarkets and their staff.

s.s.: If (hopefully not) we will have a lockdown again, even only locally, what would you avoid based on your recent experiences? Honestly, how do you think the public will react in a such case?

T.L.: Except increased work and protection measures, due to special circumstances, during the lockdown period we did not have to do nothing different from usual. The same would apply in the case of a second lockdown. We will continue to offer our services, in order organized retail to operate smoothly. I also think that people here, are convinced in practice, of the positive response of the chains to emergencies, in contrast to other countries, where the malfunctions and shortages of goods were serious.

Source; self service July – August 2020