Watch the interview of Mr. Panagiotis Loukeris, CEO of ADUS, on the show of Anestis Dokas and Maria Smilidou on the Naftemporiki channel.

Friday, March 31, 2023


On Wednesday, March 29, 2023, the live daily morning show of Anestis Dokas and Maria Smilidou hosted Mr. Panagiotis Loukeris, CEO of ADUS, on the Naftemporiki channel.

"ADUS has been founded with one and only purpose. To be the sales department for companies that are active in supermarkets but do not have their own sales department” says Mr. Loukeris characteristically. “So, we have set up a complete hierarchy with salespeople – merchandisers, sales supervisors and back-office sales. We visit the halls of the supermarkets on behalf of the companies that are the suppliers of the supermarkets, we reorganize the shelves and send the orders so that they are fulfilled by the suppliers", added Mr Loukeris in his statement.

“Whatever the shelf battle is, it’s huge. There’s competition, there’s different things that happen inside supermarkets like when the consumer shuffles the shelf fatally, so basically you need a company, a sales department to go and shape the shelves in such a way that their products look and consumers see". "In order for the consumer to be able to get a product, he has to see it. That’s the cornerstone of growing companies’ sales; to be on the shelf neatly so that the consumer can buy their products." underlines Mr. Loukeris

Watch the full excerpt of the interview: