The conference  achieved to uncovering the successful way ahead along a “transformation journey” that in the future will be fun and full of challenges, breakthrough practices and exciting new ideas.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

4th Digital Business Transformation Conference entitled “Will you Survive or Thrive?”  focused on the in-depth study of the facets for adopting pragmatic innovation approaches and solutions for the Digital Transformation learning by digital leaders the proper initiatives for pragmatic innovative solutions, the use of cutting-edge technologies as well as the need to convey the new trends by a new leadership mindset for a successful Digitalized Business irrespective of vertical industry. 

More specifically, Takis Loukeris, Managing Partner, ADUS SA stressed that NFC Field Service, the ADUS platform is a new flexible solution based on the NFC technology simplifying the data and information capturing from the field, in cases where individuals or teams operate at different geographic regions.

Indicatively, basic usage on services encompass: Merchandising, Sales Monitoring, Products’ stock on-shelf & in warehouse, Price collection, photos of shelf category & promotion, management of promo activities.

In the application’s features are indicatively included, electronic dynamically generated questionnaires differentiated dependant on the service category, wireless real time recording of personnel’s activities, wireless real time forwarding of replies to surveys, navigating personnel to the check points centrally controlled, possibility of immediate alerting for potential plan changes, online and offline operational status, capability to receive and prompt sending of field’s photos, 3rd party accessibility (e.g. customers) at the NFC Field Service in order to supervise or check on the activities performed in their own points.

Adus having realized the high standards of the era, the particular conditions emerging from the harsh competition, and the financial circumstances, provides services aiming at supporting its customers’ products penetration in the most effective way.