ADUS Newsletter March 2020

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ADUS update on safety of clients and staff

In context of the difficult crises, the global community is facing, due to coronavirus, ADUS continues its operation dynamically, assuring its client’s interests, by monitoring ongoing situation and latest market news, in cooperation with supply chain and specifically supermarkets. 

Faithfully respecting the protection measures introduced by the World Health Organization, ADUS’ salesmen continues their visits to supermarkets - with increased frequency – and, it seems that ADUS became an indispensable partner for fast and effective products’ supply services. As health and safety of the members of our company is our paramount priority, we take every possible measures to assure this.

Meanwhile, our web-based structures and technologies, limit the levels of our exposure, in comparison to many other companies.

The quality of our experienced executives, in a such period-when every task should be done carefully and professionally - is important, aiming to benefit our clients with added value.

We will continue to provide our high quality services and our exemplary customer support, despite the rapidly evolving events.

We would like to inform you that we have made all the necessary adjustments, to ensure the continuity of our services, with our entire workforce prepared and fully informed.

We will keep you up to date, and we remain next to you for any information and service that our company has to offer, in order to support the efficiency of your business operation.

We hope Health to you and your family.

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