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Dear Readers,

Exports and extroversion are a one-way street for the survival of Greek companies that have export products or services, while contributing to the country’s growth and exit from the financial crisis

Exports business activity has been clearly perceived as a crucial factor for growth by the business community and undoubtedly has significant advantages for both the company itself and the macroeconomic indicators of the country in which the firm is registered and operates. 

An enterprise is ready for exports when (a) it has the required production capacity, (b) the resources required, and (c) there is a firm corporate policy on products’ quality and competitive pricing for every distinct target market.

The essential prerequisites depicting exports readiness can be summarized as follows:

1. Start an export activity in the General Commercial Register with specific codes

2. A registered trademark for products to be exported, as well as the countries in which it is deposited

3. Quality Assurance and Packaging Certifications HACCP (ISO 22000), ISO 9001, BRC Standards, IFS Standard

4. Corporate internet presence and documentation including company’s presentation, enlisting products and related details, such as packaging, certified labeling, etc.

5. Direct sample products’ availability to convey to potential buyers

6. Structured exports division or partnership with a company – provider of outsourcing services to manage and carry out export activities’ lifecycle

7. History and evaluation of export promotion activities, eg. prior participation in international exhibitions

9. Exports history’s evaluation of the past

10. Methodology, and Business planning regarding exports activities per specific  target market

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