ADUS Newsletter February 2020

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ADUS became Member of "Delphi Economic Forum", following the latest updates in the local and global economy, as well as contemporary market trends, always for the benefit of its customers.

ADUS, operating on behalf of our Clients for their Business optimal Extroversion, ensures through its consultancy the effective and results-orientated relationship between the different Buyers and our Clients towards sales deals’ closure in a wide range of premium food and other consumer goods.

News & Developments from Greece to the FMCG sector

 ADUS member of “Delphi Economic Forum”
ADUS announces its New Customer

International News & Trends to the FMCG sector

EPSA entered into the Mongolian and Kazakhstan markets - Investing in the Arabia
RISE Competition for sustainable innovations in retail market and FMCG products

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