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Dear Readers,

An increasing percentage of companies choose the outsourcing model as a strategic option for improved support in specialized key areas, for increasing their flexibility, as well as for improving their internal processes.

By outsourcing part of your specific needs to experienced professional schemes which understand your business strategy, you can replace the drivers that cause unpredictable overheads at a cost of a fixed monthly fee.

Outsourcers design the services aligned to your business directives, and act in the way and at the level you perceive is the right one. As a result, you are freeing funds and resources that now are taken over by your Outsourcer that can be used to boost your business growth so you can confidently plan and invest additional resources without deviating from your budget goals.

The key benefits of a partnership with ADUS at the level of outsourcing are:

  • Lower costs in terms of wages and bonuses that are replaced by the outsourcing fee that is lower, while there is no insurance and other contributions dictated from the employer’s side.
  • Lower operating costs because you do not have to invest in transportation, electronic equipments like mobile phones and laptops, accommodation when on professional trips, food expenses and fuel consumption
  • Optimum adjustment of the outsourced sales department since it is possible to flexibly increase or decrease the sales team to meet ongoing requirements without significant management costs.
  • Geographic coverage of points of sales based on the specific location and end-customers’ needs
  • Effective monitoring of the sales team via modern high-tech tools and software that capture and analyze performance in quantitative and qualitative terms.         

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