ADUS Newsletter December 2019

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Dear Readers,

Beyond any doubt, ADUS sales outsourcing enhances the quality of sustainably leading the market. Every ADUS customer is supported by advanced IT-centric services to automate routine data capturing and processing, as well as using specialized and devoted teams in different geographic territories performing sales & merchandising that is considered impossible, unproductive, costly, and time-consuming if managed by in-house human resources.

The outsourcing services that every customer is offered are tailored to specific needs, in line with trends depending on the nature of their products, while concurrently there is adoption of best practices and benchmarking using prompt comparative performance with competing businesses in the same industry. Above all, the enhancement of economies of scale, and know-how transfer from ADUS sales outsourcing may enable better leverage in the Supermarket Chains’ market, thus gaining competitive advantage.

News & Developments from Greece to the FMCG sector

Olive Oil: Our country is the fourth largest exporter of the European Union
IELKA: Supermarket chains’ Investment amount to € 1.5 billion euros for the last five years

International News & Trends to the FMCG sector

European Union Trade Agreement with China
Air New Zealand launches coffee mugs made of Vanilla flavoured Biscuits

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