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Dear readers,

The road to new business opportunities for the FMCG Enterprises is paved with a never-ending training of commercial staff, consulting, workshops, coordination and self-help guides. Undoubtedly, the development of a market through a systematic business development program often eludes the means of every company, but there is no reason why the FMCG specialists should do it on their own.

The reality is really hard. Market growth depends ...

...on addressing the market and closing sales. This is a work that the vast majority have no inclination to be held accountable for now, or in the future. We sense and experience it from our daily interaction, especially in the FMCG sector and how the new business leads to hangover for the executives and continuous frustration to the owners.

The good news?

It is possible that FMCG enterprises may have an effective new business process in the time ahead. While it can be difficult to know what is the status of your competition so as to be successful, since 2009, we have detected that the invisible trend has increasingly been to outsource your new business to Adus.

Over the past five years, for an unimaginable number of worldwide enterprises cross-industry, more than you’d guess, the answer to solving the business development equation has come from partnering with an outside firm for carrying out proactive sales and merchandising.

What value do FMCG enterprises find in Adus’ outsourcing model?

1/ A Systematic Approach.

Enterprises often find that creating a new business process from scratch is difficult. It’s usually thrown together last minute at the onset of a lost account and the strategy and tools are often lacking. Outsourcing to new business professionals, allow enterprises to implement a systematic approach to how they win new business. Teams are able to move swiftly into market because there is a proven model of success, and the tools to back it up.

2/ Accountability

With Adus’ outsourcing model, it is very clear who is accountable for success or failure and we can put clear objectives and goals at each stage of the process. Should prerequisites are rigorously set and information flow is established, the outsourcing model leads to greater transparency and understanding to who the responsibility of driving new business lies with. However, it is not just a responsibility issue. It is a way of rendering a partnership with Adus viable and growing aligned to the enterprise’s objectives.

3/ A Specific Focus on New Business

65% of enterprises do not employ a full-time new business person or team especially for sales and merchandising. It is costly and not easily manageable to organize highly skilled teams that continuously visit the points of sale in the Retail Sector. What does this mean? In an under-staffed in-house environment, people that are working on new business do not know where to spend their time every day. If I have learned anything during my time as a new business professional, it’s that you cannot minimize the importance of focus. Focus ensures greater success by keeping all efforts dedicated to prospecting and driving business at the point where revenue generation takes place. This causes high interest and ends up to frequent order taking. The emerging trend of outsourcing may always remain slightly hidden due to the nature of the business, but we are observing more input than ever from FMCG Executives increasingly consider the benefits of having a systematic approach that provides accountability and focus. The market facts provide us with confidence that Adus will continue to see an increase in adoption of its outsourcing model to manage new business in the near future.

The Conclusion is simple:  When you can win more business at a lower cost, why would you not outsource?

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