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Dear Readers,

Stable monthly costs are essential for proper running of dynamic businesses. The constant pressure - against the need to stabilize and streamline - is to evolve with the market and retain competitive advantage. When your monthly costs are out of control, your ability to plan strategically is compromised. Growth or innovation represents risk, not opportunity. If you manage your in-house, you carry the additional risk of overhead costs required to invest in necessary business solutions, and the burden of failures, faults and subsequent lack of operating capacity.

Driving new value with a specialized Outsourcer

By outsourcing your requirements to experts who understand the strategic focus of your business, you can replace the strain of unpredictable overhead costs with a stable monthly fee. Outsourcers shape the services around your business, delivered in whatever way and whatever level feels right for you – in-house, off-site, or anywhere in between. Hence you free up capital and expertly managed systems that can make flexible your evolving business, so you can plan with confidence and invest when it counts without derailing your business.

Finding the right Outsourcer and benefits:

  • A manageable system, that is setup and operates with no actual interruptions.
  • Full training for all Outsourcer’s involved staff to align to your business specific activities.
  • Seamless integration for data flow with your in-house platforms.
  • High quality reporting functionality to enable insight and strategic planning.
  • Individuals who have the capability to monitor and improve their own performance.
  • Substantially lower business support and overhead costs.


News & Developments from Greece to the FMCG sector

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International News & Trends to the FMCG sector

“Little Shop” gave a little lift in sales

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