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Dear readers,

The significant challenges for FMCG businesses for a successful commercial performance require that certain parameters to be taken into account enabling to shape up the conditions in the domestic market. This contributes to drafting the right strategy that, in addition to the nature and behavior of consumers towards a particular set of FMCG products, should also take consider financial assets as well as factors for flexible operation through appropriate partnerships.

The outsourcing model in the field of sales, merchandising, ordering, in-store promos, as well as product placement on supermarket chains is a key element for real growth but also requires a careful approach to selecting the right partner leads the business path and will support business and information businesses in the FMCG industry. Partnering with ADUS, the monthly cost remains unchanged either for one only product code or for any number of products

The strength of ADUS is based on our personalized outsourcing services resulting in producing qualitative benefits and recurrent profit for our customers:

  • Exclusivity of cooperation because we do not take new customers with a competitive range of products on the market against our existing customers
  • The Monthly Cost of our Services is stable. It does not depend on the points of sale by region or the number of codes assigned to us to manage the customer
  • Our customers no longer need to be charged with seeking, evaluating, recruiting and training their respective sales & merchandisers forming part their in-house teams.
  • Daily analytical reporting on data recorded in tablets (in full detail with data and photo uploads from every point of sale) via internet for all the relevant activities so that each customer can make timely interventions on sales performance and promotions’ tactics in the Supermarket chains
  • Keeping Low Operational Costs for the sales and merchandising services in respect to the expected turnover for the customers due to ADUS’ capability to cover any number of points of sale for each supermarket chain per specified geographic region.


There is always a double reading in all approaches, but for FMCG, the trend is in the preference of outsourcing. Our customers capitalize our services in the field of sales, merchandising and ordering combined with additional services (in-store promos, etc.) forming thus a robust set of activities that increase the sales performance within the retail chains.

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