ADUS Newsletter January 2020

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SEV Hellenic Federation of Enterprises ADUS membership

ADUS, is under continuous growth since 2009 and this year celebrates 10 years, providing specialized and effective services to FMCG businesses, on matters related to the promotion of consumer products in the Retail Sector in the Greek and International Market.

Since the beginning of this year, ADUS has become and officially, a member of the SEV Hellenic Federation of Enterprises, actively participating the effort for transforming Greek economy, towards to a more productive, extrovert and competitive profile.

News & Developments from Greece to the FMCG sector

ADUS announces its New Customer
Supermarket: Dynamic Growth in Five Years (2014 to 2018)

International News & Trends to the FMCG sector

E-shop development in Europe
Fast moving products 7 years high sales

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